iPhone photoshoot

Instagrammable photo shoot in Rome, best Rome Instagram Spots

Unveil Rome's Hidden Gems: Best Photo Spots Unleashed

Elevate your Roman experience with a photography journey that unveils the city's best-kept secrets – the best photo spots in Rome that will transform your memories into captivating visual stories. Imagine capturing the essence of Rome at its most picturesque locations, perfect for your Instagram-worthy moments.

But here's the exciting twist – your memories don't have to wait! Share your enchanting captures in real time on your social platforms or with your loved ones. With the option to use my iPhone 14 Pro, we'll capture your moments and seamlessly share them with you using AirDrop. And fret not if you're not an iPhone user; I've got you covered with photo delivery through WeTransfer.

This is more than just a photoshoot; it's a window into affordable luxury. Ideal for friends, couples, solo travelers, and families alike, this is the ultimate budget-friendly yet high-quality photoshoot experience you'll find in Rome!

How does it work?

Flexibility is the name of the game. You can either opt for the suggested route, perhaps exploring the same awe-inspiring locations as Tour I, or you're welcome to choose a location that resonates with you.

The price remains consistent whether you're an individual adventurer or a group of up to three, ensuring that everyone gets to cherish these moments together. And let's not put a cap on your memories – we'll capture as many photos as the moment allows.

Sessions and Pricing:

  • 30-minute session, 1 to 3 people: €60
  • 1-hour session, 1 to 3 people: €110
  • 1-hour 30-minute session, 1 to 3 people: €150
  • 2-hour session, 1 to 3 people: €200

Your Roman adventure is meant to be savored, and what better way to relish it than through these timeless images. From brief yet impactful 30-minute snapshots to an immersive 2-hour voyage, the choice is yours.

Get ready to uncover the magic that lies in Rome's best photo spots, transforming your journey into a visual symphony that echoes through time. Reach out today, and let's embark on a photography escapade that you'll treasure forever.